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Building a more sustainable future with energy-saving glass solutions

Green buildings are fast gaining traction worldwide, especially in new commercial construction and high-rise residential. A World Green Building Council survey found that almost half of industry respondents expect to build more than 60% of their projects as green buildings by 2021[1]. Green building activity in Asia-Pacific has likewise surged in recent years—both due to environmental mandates in countries like Singapore, and rapid urbanisation in Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.

Green buildings are designed to be efficient in the use of water, energy and other resources, thus enabling developers to meet evolving client demands and new environmental regulations. Other factors driving the green building momentum include business benefits such as reduced operational costs and higher asset value; or the need for building owners to promote sustainable practices and improve occupant health and well-being.

At the forefront of sustainable development

AGC is committed to the continual development of new products with better environmental performance during their lifetime, to help pave the way for sustainable construction.

Recognising that energy consumption is a core concern in the building sector, we have developed a wide range of energy-saving products to meet dynamic market requirements. These include magnetron coatings for façade applications with low solar factor and excellent thermal insulation; and environmentally-friendly interior glass that preserves indoor air quality and emits low levels of VOCs. 

This commitment extends to our efforts to reduce the environmental impact of our production processes and technologies. By manufacturing with the best available technologies from an environmental standpoint, we continue to make strides in improving the sustainable attributes of our flat glass production activities.

Bringing energy-efficient solutions to Asia-Pacific

Through our investments in cutting-edge production facilities in Southeast Asia, AGC is responding to the growing demand for high-performance architectural glass products:

Enhanced glass production in Indonesia — Fully operational in the first quarter of 2018, the new float furnace, magnetron coating and mirror manufacturing facility at our Cikampek Plant will significantly boost production capacity in Indonesia. The magnetron coating facility features advanced European technologies to manufacture new coatings and solar control coated glass products that will cater to evolving market needs across the region. The Cikampek plant also houses a state-of-the-art mirror production line with the latest ecological manufacturing processes for mirrors and other glass products for interior use.  

Increased capacity in Thailand – Since 2016, the production capacity of solar control Low-E glass at our Samut Prakan Plant in Thailand has grown by 50%. The plant is also the first in Southeast Asia to manufacture float glass and complete double silver coating process within the same premises.

These milestones ramp up our ability to deliver environment-friendly coatings and interior products to meet the region's market requirements. With European technology transfer and localised production in Asia-Pacific, we now provide our customers with faster and easier access to a variety of glass products previously available only via AGC Europe. The Indonesia and Thailand plants also affirm our commitment to deploy the same energy-efficient technologies used across our factories globally.

Holistic approach to assessing our environmental footprint

As a founding partner in the World Green Building Council Asia Pacific Regional Network, AGC actively supports and promotes green building activities across Asia-Pacific.

We continue to pursue new product innovations that support sustainability, and ensure our materials meet global certifications and evolving industry benchmarks. In Singapore, for instance, AGC is the first glass manufacturer to have its products certified under the Singapore Green Building Product (SGBP) Labelling Scheme.

Through our product stewardship strategy, AGC has developed an integrated approach to assess our environmental footprint based on:

These tools and product certifications provide architects and building designers with the environmental evidence to earn credits towards green building rating systems such as LEED and BREEAM, which are commonly adopted in the Southeast Asia region.