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This is a critical function that  makes it possible to strike an optimum balance between economy and ecology (cutting energy consumed by the heating system, thereby lessening the environmental impact) and to reduce the amount of energy lost through windows. The lower the Ug-value, the more efficient the insulation. 

  • Conventional insulating glass

    Conventional double glazing can halve the amount of energy lost by single glazing. Developed more than 50 years ago by AGC Glass Europe, this range is called Thermobel.

  • Low emissivity glass

  • This new generation of insulating glass incorporates a coated glass (Sunergy, Planibel G, Stopray, ipasol, iplus) that can cut energy losses to one fifth of the level of ordinary single glazing. When assembled by AGC Glass Europe this range is marketed under the name Thermobel.

    This new-generation thermal insulating glass helps reduce emissions of CO2, in line with the commitments made under the Kyoto protocol. They have become the benchmark in many European countries that have converted these commitments into new national thermal regulations.