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Thermobel Stratobel Strong

Laminated safety assembly


Thermobel Stratobel Strong safeguards people and protects property, and has been specifically developed for enhanced mechanical properties in applications requiring:

  • higher load capacity
  • increased interlayer rigidity
  • high glass adhesion
  • safe post-breakage behaviour

Thermobel Stratobel Strong in either double or triple glazing offers optimal year-round thermal comfort combined with a high level of thermal insulation and light and visual comfort.
Thermobel Stratobel Strong offers at least five functions:

  • safety for people and protection of property
  • enhanced mechanical properties
  • increased acoustic comfort
  • 99% reduction in UV radiation
  • thermal insulation: year-round thermal insulationThermobel Stratobel Strong’s enhanced safety performance is fully compatible with solar control functions.
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