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Planibel Pure Comfort 10

Pyrolytic coated glass


The Planibel Pure Comfort 10 pyrolitic coating presents a perfect combination of thermal performance and outstanding aesthetics, due to:

  • very low emissivity of 0.1 for superior insulation
  • high transparency and a neutral aspect

Thanks to a special surface treatment - a unique technology of AGC Glass Europe - Planibel Pure Comfort 10 offers unparalleled scratch resistance resulting in easier maintenance and processing.

It is the perfect solution for industrial applications where condensation control and thermal performance are crucial (home appliances, commercial refrigeration, horticulture, heated glass and insulation).

Through its high conductivity (low sheet resistance), Pure Comfort 10 is an excellent alternative to ITO coatings used in applications such as touchscreens and electrochromic glass. In addition to being more cost effective than ITO, Pure Comfort 10 can be toughened while keeping outstanding and stable conductivity properties.

Benefits :

  • Enhanced transparency and neutral aspect
  • Easy to process, no edge deletion needed
  • The coating remains stable before and after tempering
  • Unparalleled scratch resistance resulting in an "easy to clean" coating with a smooth surface
  • The coating has enhanced electrical conductivity



Industrial applications only

Structure % % % % % W/(M².K)
Planibel Pure Comfort 10 τv ρv αe g SC Ug-Value
4 - 15 Ar 90% - |4 75 17 22 75 0.86 1.3

LT: Light Transmission; LR: Light Reflection; UV: Ultraviolet transmission; EA: Energy Absorption; SF: Solar Factor.


  • The | symbol indicates the position of the solar-control coating.
  • The ¦ symbol indicates the position of a low-emissivity coating (iplus Top 1.1).
  • The ! Symbol indicates the position of a low-emissivity coating (Planibel G)

The data are calculated using spectral measurements that are conform to standards EN 410 (1998).
The tolerance of published data with respect to photometric properties is +/- 3 points.
The U-value (formerly k-value) is calculated according to standard EN 673.
The emissivity measurement complies with standards EN 673 (Annex A) and EN 12898. The U-value tolerance is +/- 0.1W/(m²K).
This information is no evaluation of the risk of glass breakage due to thermal stress.

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