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Matobel 1S

Acid-etched framing glass


Matobel 1S (one side) is a type of float glass which has been treated with an anti-glare coating on one side (the matt side should be fitted facing the outside of the frame). With a clarity(1) rating of 50.9%, a gloss factor of 70(2) and a haze(3) value of 4.12%, Matobel 1S offers not only perfect optical properties by reducing the level of light reflection but also excellent colour reproduction thanks to its neutral appearance. This combination of properties affords users a perfectly reproduced image of any picture, photograph or painting.

Matobel 1S is available in standard thickness of 1.9 mm.

(1) Clarity is the value that measures the amount of light returned from the object being viewed. The higher the clarity, the brighter the object appears.
(2)Gloss: 70±5 in accordance with the relevant US standard (BYK Gardner, Micromaster 60° angle).
(3)Haze is the value that measures the sensitivity to colour change. The lower the haze, the more we appreciate the colour intensity.

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