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A brand-new way to light up your building uniformly with LED-embedded glass.


Enrich your architectural facade and bring it to life with infinite combinations of colors, tones and variations! Glassiled Uni is a double glazing unit with the same specifications as traditional double glazing, but this unique product also features monochrome or RGB LEDs embedded in the spacer that make it possible to illuminate any building facade with unprecedented uniformity and no restriction on colour or light temperature. The glass pane can measure up to an unparalleled 3m x 2m. This customised solution is compatible with most frames and is easy to install and maintain.

In addition to its original appearance, Glassiled Uni delivers full transparency when off and low power consumption. 

In interior spaces, Glassiled Uni is the ideal solution for creating a unique look combining privacy and colourful effects.


  •  100% transparent when off (no haze)
  • Glowing glass panels with a very high uniformity
  • No maintenance on the facade and cheap installation compared to traditional lighting systems
  • More efficient way of doing facade lighting
  • Integrated solution (no obstruction on the building facade)
  • Only as thin as a glass panel
  • Low electrical consumption (typically 40 watt/m2)
  • Uniform effect over several floors (as well as vision and spandrel areas)



Glassiled Uni is the perfect choice for facade lighting, but also for partition walls, floor and roof, and even combinable with Artlite Digital (light up the print)

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