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Glassiled is a unique and innovative concept for creating facades that communicate through the power of LED-embedded glass. It combines the transparency of glass with the unlimited possibilities of communicating with light – day and night.

Glassiled – lighting up windows
By day, the eye-catching architecture of landmark buildings is naturally apparent.
Now it can be even further enhanced, both day and night. How? By seamlessly incorporating LED-embedded glass into the facade.

Glassiled – an unrivalled communication tool
Any facade can be turned into a powerful communication tool capable of displaying animated content, information and entertainment: advertising, corporate messages, interactive games, art and media initiatives. Glassiled is the most sustainable media display system on the market, combining the transparency of glass with the power of a supremely energy-efficient media display.

Glassiled – unveil your signature
Make your brand stand out by integrating your logo or custom signature into the building facade.
Whether for a corporate logo or a brand signature, our LED-embedded glass panels are custom made to make your message truly stand out.

Bassel Glore
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In addition to the existing SunEwat, made up of square PV cells and renamed Square, the transparent range now also features SunEwat Stripe, the cells of which form thin horizontal stripes, offering greater transparency and a more refined aesthetic.

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Paul GheysensCEO - Ghelamco group

AGC’s Glassiled Motion is one of those exceptional solutions that caught our attention for the Antwerp Bosuil Football stadium. It offered the best of glazing combined to LED technology, transforming the windows of the lounge area into a giant screen on games night. This innovative glass-embedded screen is a great communication channel for the stadium partners and brings modernity to the architecture with no compromise on design and aesthetics.

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