Paul Gheysens
Ghelamco group

AGC’s Glassiled Motion is one of those exceptional solutions that caught our attention for the Antwerp Bosuil Football stadium. It offered the best of glazing combined to LED technology, transforming the windows of the lounge area into a giant screen on games night. This innovative glass-embedded screen is a great communication channel for the stadium partners and brings modernity to the architecture with no compromise on design and aesthetics.

Glassiled makes windows come alive at Antwerp’s football stadium

Making clients’ wildest dreams come true is baked into our DNA. As part of its never-ending quest for innovative glass solutions, AGC has pushed the envelope yet again by combining the transparency of superb glass with high-end technologies to create Glassiled, an innovative and unique concept for communicating facades featuring LED-embedded glass.

More than a stadium, more than glass

Belgian investment company Ghelamco decided to give this innovative glazing a try, installing it in the Bosuil football stadium in Antwerp, Belgium.

Over the years, sports stadiums have enhanced their design and architecture dramatically, in the process becoming renowned landmarks ingeniously competing with each other to make their communication shine. Bosuil stadium, home to the Royal Antwerp Football Club, is one such extraordinary venue that has been renovated to provide a brand-new football experience.

The outdated Stand 1 (2,400 seats) was replaced with a modern facility featuring 5,600 seats and equipped with all the necessary amenities, including executive boxes and VIP areas. The brand-new complex covers 16,600 m² and was built with an eye for quality, right down to the smallest details, such as adding multimedia glass above the stadium’s magnificent entrance.

A visionary investor

Paul Gheysens, CEO of Ghelmaco Group: "At Ghelamco we strive to find the brightest solutions and technologies to make our real estate projects unique and future-proof, as well as aesthetically flawless and inspiring.”

With its decision to install Glassiled Motion in the Bosuil stadium, Ghelamco effectively turned the facade into a powerful communication tool displaying any desired animated content –match teasers, sponsored content and media campaigns.

“AGC’s Glassiled Motion is one of those exceptional solutions that caught our attention for the Bosuil football stadium in Antwerp. It combines superb glass with LED technology, transforming the windows into a giant screen on game night. This innovative LED-embedded glass screen is a great communication channel for the stadium’s partners and adds a modern touch to the architecture without compromising on design and aesthetics."

Low energy consumption

From advertising to corporate messages, art initiatives and even interactive games, Glassiled is the most sustainable media display on the market, combining the transparency of glass with the power of a media display that consumes very little power.

In addition, Glassiled is seamlessly integrated into the facade, making it almost totally invisible when not powered on. Our products are manufactured in Europe and come with full follow-up – monitoring the project, supervising the installation process and providing post-installation follow-up – around the world.