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Toughened glass

The glass is heated to more than 600 °C and then quickly cooled. If broken, it shatters into many small blunt pieces.

Toughened glass retains the light transmission and energy properties of the base product. Once toughened, it can no longer be cut or shaped.

It may, however, be assembled into Thermobel insulating sealed units, coated, and assembled into Stratobel and Stratophone laminated glass. 

  • Range of products which can be toughened:
    Planibel Clear, Planibel Coloured, Planibel Low-E (Planibel G, Planibel G fasT, Planibel Pure Comfort 10, Planibel Pure Comfort 14), Sunergy, Stopsol, Imagin, Stopray Smart, Planibel AS
  • Range of products which must be toughened:
    Stopray T, iplus (Energy NT, Top 1.1(T), Advanced 1.0 (T), Lacobel T, Matelac T.
  • Range of products available only in toughened versions:
    Colorbel, Artlite.