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bright white

a highly selective coating


ipasol bright white has the right combination of values.

With a light transmission of 56 and a solar factor of 45%, ipasol bright white has a selectivity of 1.24

Structure % % % % % W/(M².K)
bright white τv ρv αe g SC Ug-Value
6| - 16 Ar 90% - |4 56 38 12 45 0.52 1.0

LT: Light Transmission; LR: Light Reflection; UV: Ultraviolet transmission; EA: Energy Absorption; SF: Solar Factor.


  • The | symbol indicates the position of the solar-control coating.
  • The ¦ symbol indicates the position of a low-emissivity coating (iplus Top 1.1).
  • The ! Symbol indicates the position of a low-emissivity coating (Planibel G)

The data are calculated using spectral measurements that are conform to standards EN 410 (1998).
The tolerance of published data with respect to photometric properties is +/- 3 points.
The U-value (formerly k-value) is calculated according to standard EN 673.
The emissivity measurement complies with standards EN 673 (Annex A) and EN 12898. The U-value tolerance is +/- 0.1W/(m²K).
This information is no evaluation of the risk of glass breakage due to thermal stress.

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