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Planibel Crystalvision
- perfection of neutrality and colour rendering.



The key characteristics of the new product are reflected by its name. Planibel Crystalvision is a new product with maximized neutrality and highest color rendering, made in Russia.

Thanks to its aesthetics Planibel Crystalvision is a natural choice for designs where clarity and high transparence are the must. No wonder architects and designers have been increasingly favoring the low-iron glass for their projects that require high transparency and clear color rendering. Even in big thickness products (up to 10mm) used in interior design or furniture, Planibel Crystalvision maintains a perfectly neutral aspect that confirms its purity.


High colour rendering index (100%):

– Objects and their colour maintain the bright and natural aspect even when viewed through the glass.

– True color rendering during printing and paint application.

Cristal clarity and unmatched aesthetics:

– No bluish or green hues.

– Aesthetically pleasing aspect of the glass edge in interior applications (table tops, doors, balustrades, etc.

Maximized neutrality and transparency:

– Maximized accuracy of product demonstration when used in display glazing.

– Maintains its neutrality when used in IGUs with multifunctional coatings.


Planibel Crystalvision can be used in a number of applications:


  • Special architectural elements of the façade and interior decoration: balustrades, glass stairs, floors.
  • Interior applications: glass tables, painted and matted glass, glazed separations, glass doors, shower cabins, wall cladding, furniture elements, mirrors.
  • Façade applications: Planibel Crystalvision finds numerous applications in façade glazing (standard facades, structural glazing, or point-fixed systems).
  • Base product for magnetron coating application: energy saving, solar protection, multifunctional.
  • Industrial applications: glass for electrical appliances, cold storage chambers, etc.
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